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Services Overview



At HI Printing, we’ll take care of your entire printing needs; from simple brochures to high-quality poster prints; from single color to four-color cmyk; from digital to off-set printing. No matter what job we carry out for you, you’re guaranteed the highest quality results every time, regardless of how vast the quantity may be.

When your printing order is received, it will be passed through a rigorous preparation process to make certain that it is ready to print. We will check all of your files to determine that they are ready and will put all of the necessary measures in place for your print run. At this stage, many features will be checked including, margins, image resolution, bleeds and image color to guarantee the best quality is achieved for you. Then, as soon as your proof is approved, your job will commence with our high-quality presses.

We offer a multitude of printing services that can be adapted to each individual client’s requests; providing high quality, super-efficient results at all times. Our team works through the night to meet deadlines while our printing machines are able to handle the most demanding of jobs. Below we’ve listed just some of our services:

Offset Printing

This type of printing is technologically advanced and allows for a versatile and high-quality print that is unmatched by many other printing methods. Due to these new technologies, it’s also far more environmentally friendly and affordable.

As we have all of this modern equipment at our printing facilities, we can take care of your entire job, from single to full color. This allows us to offer a far more efficient, cost-effective method that still produces the exceptional quality you would expect. We can take care of all requirements from single brochures, business cards and envelopes to full-color catalogs, magazines and books.

Digital Printing

This method of printing is highly effective for small quantities and ones where you wish to personalize each print for a targeted audience. It’s a cost-effective way of getting these prints produced quickly and can be done on demand with exceptional quality. It’s perfect for business cards, flyers, greeting cards, posters, menus and much more.

However, should you have a larger project requirement for items such as booklets and manuals; we can also take care of this. We provide high-speed copiers in black and white that are economical for this type of job.

Wide Format (Coming Soon)

If your printing requirement is large, this isn’t a problem, as we have a range of wide-format printing services that can cater to these types of requirements. With such flexibility in our services, we can provide you with everything from a single print banner to a high-quantity of large posters. We’re also able to print onto a range of materials, which gives added benefits if you require something specific, such as a material that is suitable for being outdoors for long periods of time.


Once your project comes off the printer, our services don’t just stop there as we also offer an unbeatable range of finishing services. We can complete your job in style by providing you with complex finishing to your prints such as binding, laminating, folding and shrink wrapping. With our skilled team being available to complete your documents to the required finish, you can also take advantage of our advanced mailing service. We’ll post your prints with our low-cost courier service, which will give you peace of mind that your prints will arrive exactly when you need them.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today for a free quotation and to hear more about our industry-leading services.


Our experts at HI Printing have a plethora of useful information that will help to make your printing a success. Whether you’re printing newspapers, posters or large banners, we’ll have the advice and support to help you achieve maximum impact from your artwork.


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