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Personnel HI Printing:

Office : (599-9) 869 2107

Hensley Isidora                Founder/CEO                                              hensley.isidora@hiprinting.com

Zina Isidora                        Financial Manager                                     zina.isidora@hiprinting.com

Milan Fundador               General Manager                                      info@hiprinting.com        

Dimas Marin                      Production Coordinator                        dimas@hiprinting.com


Mauricio Marin                Prepress Supervisor                                 prepress@hiprinting.com

Helen Martijn                    Sales Representative /                           sales@hiprinting.com

                                                    Customer Support

Wendelyn Lourens         Customer Support                                   reception@hiprinting.com

Maisholinn Martha         Customer Support                                  office@hiprinting.com

Our experts at HI Printing have a plethora of useful information that will help to make your printing a success. Whether you’re printing newspapers, posters or large banners, we’ll have the advice and support to help you achieve maximum impact from your artwork.

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